Okamurova NOKIA song launched! Song was based on japan theme, featured by finnish Nokia classic and crowned by straight czech lyrics. Creation without these people wouldn’t been so much fun:

SP Okamurova NOKIA came out!

Previously mentioned song was finished and sended to digi-distributor. The song was named as Okamurova NOKIA, releasing on 3th of July, together with alternative mix track and supported by another song Tibi Dabi Diba. Additional information: Guitars: Ing. Roman Balík Language corrections: PhDr. Dita Křišťanová, Ph.D. Technical advices: Radoslav Košvanec […]

New single announcement – Okamurova NOKIA

From this month I’m offering my audio works on audiojungle.net My first Audiojungle item was approved this week Thanks for the listening!  

I’m on Audiojungle!

Working on my first native language track (yep, it’s Czech) under The Stereojack. A lot of fun, a lot of NOKIA sounds, of course. Currently, it’s drum’n’bass mix in 176 BPM, but I wanna do another in 88 BPM. I invited my bro Roman to record guitars. We are working […]

Some guy’s NOKIA (working name) song

I’m just working on new song. I decided to record it together with video, pretty exciting experience. Inspiration: Beastie Boys (a bit fish-eye cam) and Stomp (unusual instruments), maybe also a piece of Beck. There is short preview, three scenes, sound is camera only (clear sound samples was record into […]

Play The Game + video

New single / video Spread Your Wings is finally out!Check the video on YouTube  http://youtu.be/LLaoHujO2GAor support me on your favorite music shop:iTunes  http://goo.gl/ea9VqJ Amazon  http://goo.gl/VUGiBQ Google Play http://goo.gl/c5IRZk Have a nice day and spread your wings!

“Spread Your Wings” release

As I mentioned on social sites, upcoming single “Spread Your Wings” is scheduled release on 2nd of december 2014. Video supporting this single, release on the same day. I really enjoyed composing music and editing video as well. Scenes in video are from my brother Tom and his friends, mostly […]

“Spread Your Wings” new single announcement

Brytt & Kev – The Aliance EP (2014) Pop-synth rock indie duo from Nashville. The pleasant melodies and well tuned sound.     Travis – The Man Who (1999) Finally I listened full album. Crystal clear sound on this record! Nice late brit-pop with additional well composed noises.     U2 – Songs […]

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